Party planning

First off I want to say throwing a party isn’t easy at all, but when you are throwing your baby’s first party rules don’t apply. 

My son, Evan 

is turning 2 soon and so begins the planning struggle. What is the theme? Colors? Invites? Facebook invite? Who’s coming? What’s on the menu? All for just $10…said no mom ever! Last year for his first birthday we did Brown Bear, Brown Bear. 

It was so much fun we went all out. Turning 1 is some serious stuff around here.

Polaroid “guestbook” I wanted to do something different . I love Polariod cameras and knew I wanted to envolve them in the planning somehow.
Beary yummy snacks

This year, I have changed the party three times. First, I wanted a “Look who’s turning 2 at the Zoo” theme because he loves animals, or as he refers to them “manimals”. So I started collecting items I found at the Target Bullseye spot to make gift bags.

When I browse the Target dollar isle, I’d like to think I look like a mom that is the perfect Pinterest mom…but I’m not. I generally purchase items and say “Oh I love this. I would use this for something.” That something usually is the Target bag it goes into once it’s purchased and thrown in the back of my car (my husband can agree to this.) 

Then I go home get on Pinterest or Instagram, and find cute things to do with the items I ended up putting back and go back a few hours later to buy said items. So in reality, I’m the best Target shopper ever. I keep coming back. 

Okay but enough of that focus on the party planning. See how easy it is for me to stray away from the planning?

TRAINS. I changed my mind and thought about doing a “Look who’s turning Choo-Choo Two. Knowing that my son loves, loves, LOVES Chuggington. He has been into trains, animals, and bears from the beginning. So as I started collecting my dollar finds, I thought maybe I should just do a Chuggington theme. 

Then what happens?

I CHANGE THE THEME due to guilt. However, this theme lasted for about 2.5 seconds because Chuggington is practically extinct and I refuse to invite “Thomas the Always Angry Train” into my household. (Don’t judge me. He seriously is moody, along with every other train there, and come on Chuggington just sounds so much cuter. If you haven’t watched it please do. Your happy heart will thank me!)

So, I CHANGE THE THEME AGAIN because of a lack of items in my area. (Thanks no shipping to Alaska.)

What’s the theme now? Lion Guard. Why? That wasn’t the original choice. No, no, it wasn’t but when you see how much your son lights up when he truly enjoys something you go for it. so that’s the new theme. We are set.


For now…



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