More mama Mondays 

Okay so I have a question for all you makeup lovers. What is our favorite go to makeup? 

I love Mac Cosmetics  and honestly it’s sold in one place in town and I can never make it over there. It’s not even that far. It is only 15 minutes away 20 tops. But I don’t want to pay for parking and my tot isn’t a fan of letting me get a makeover. 

What toddler boy would be? 

So then I’m living on the last few drops of my foundation for weeks… Months even.

 It’s sad but true. Now let’s rewind to years before my tot when I was able to waste time and money at the mall. When my makeup bag was Full! I never really looked like I knew what I was doing with makeup. I’m laughing as I write this because it’s so true. I know how to apply foundation and mascara. That’s about it. Do I want to know how to put more on? YES! But I don’t think that was in my Jennifer description when I was born.  So here I am years later still having the same problem but lack of makeup. Literally.

Tisk Tisk Jennifer Tisk Tisk. 

So I do what every other one of you probably does when someone sends you a selfie and you have to respond with one your self.

I filter. 

Thanks Snapchat

I do try and keep it original though. I mean everyone uses the butterfly filter because look at it! 

So I try to change it up. 

By BECOMING A MERMAID. Who doesn’t? Am I right???? 
Sometimes I feel like I’m pretty clever with Snapchat

See what I did there ⏫⏫⏫⏫⏫⏫⏫
What’s your filter addiction ? 
If you want to see mine follow me

Snapchat handle: Jcay 


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