Battle of the Bags

So I LOVE… And I mean looooooovvvvvve bags. Any excuse to have a bag I’ll use it. My husband would be the first to tell you I don’t need any kind of bag ever again. 
Totes, suitcases, wallets, makeup bags, organizing bags, camera bags (actually no I only have one camera bag), Gap bags, Target bags (DONT JUDGE ME..These bags make great trash can bags), and the little plastic bags that you find at the grocery store for fruit and veggies. (Okay so a little secret these bags are amazing for on the go mini diaper trash bags.. You’re welcome!) 

Anyway I think you get the point if it’s a bag I find a way to get it, use it, and repeat. Bags are my weaknesses. 
Also can you tell what my favorite colors are? 

I have tons of purses as of 6/10/14 I bagged up (<<<<see what I did there) the purses and collected diaper bags! 

Through the last two years my diaper bag has changed numerous times. But I think I finally found the perfect diaper bag!!

Provence bag by Coco and Kiwi

This bag has been everywhere with me…..even on a glacier!! 

Coco and Kiwi has the cutest diaper bags and bright colors. I was able to get the Provence Bag in Ebone stripe. Let me tell you this bag is the best. It has a ton of pockets on the inside, a matching changing pad, wipeable liner, and a zip-out messy bag that’s waterproof and washable. You can use the shoulder strap, attach it to your stroller using the shoulder straps, or hold it like a purse. It’s the best size and perfect for on the go. 

I call this bag my Mary Poppins bag because it holds everything for my toddler AND me. 


It’s seen glaciers and even woolly mammoths. It’s held clothes, water bottles, lunch for my tot, my Canon camera, trucks, buses, cars, and even trains. It’s stylish and convenient. 

Starting in September there will be a few additions to the bag. 

  • Convenient backpack conversion. Wear 3 ways with 1 strap!
  • Outside bottle pockets for even more storage.
  • Wider and more comfy shoulder strap. 
  • Double luggage zippers to open from either side.

I’m in love with the new design. Especially having a toddler going through potty training, the new across conversion is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Having all hands on deck during public potty time is essential to our potty party journey. 
You’re welcome! 
I think I might even pick one lucky person to win a bag? Who’s interested? 



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