Potty Party Time 

Potty training. Also known as lockdown week.

It has been dry here and there and I’m totally okay with that!  My tot can pee pee and poop in the potty like a pro. It may not be the normal way but it gets in the potty. And yes I know I said pee pee and poop but when you are potty training a toddler that becomes the love language between you and your tot. 
We started the journey August 3, 2016. 

Right after his nap we threw some of our fave Coco and Kiwi training pants on and attempted to try potty training. Can you tell that I LOVE Coco and Kiwi? 

The reward for potting was a present sent by Paw Patrol. I tried stickers a few times in the past and they didn’t work and we don’t really give him candy. I figured  he loves that show so I thought maybe they could help me on this journey. So Paw Patrol to save the day! It was worth a try at least. 

Paw Patrol  is a cute Nick Jr. show where the main characters are pups. Each pup has a special trait. Chase is police pup, Rubble is the construction pup, Sky is the helicopter pup, Rocky is the recycle pup, Zuma is the water pup, Everest is the mountaineer pup, and Marshall is the firefighter pup. Incase you were wondering.  

 First time he went in the potty Chase came to the rescue and was sitting on Evan’s chair when he was al finished. Second time Evan was in the living room and ran to the bathroom. He went a little in his underwear but stopped himself and finished in the potty. Rocky appeared! Then Rumble showed up on the double right before bedtime. We finished reading Night- Night Little Pookie and I cuddled him.

 “Evan I’m so proud of you for going potty in the big boy potty!! You are doing such a good job!”

 With a head tilt he said in a whisper,  “I go now.” 

So I thought maybe he already did.

 “You went in your diaper?” 

“No I go in the potty.” 

So we headed to the potty and low and behold he went potty in the potty! Rumble on the double appeared to help celebrate. So 3 Paw pals slept with my potty party boy that night. 



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