Potty Party Shenanigans 

This last weekend we decided to head to Independence Mine in Wasilla, Alaska. We visited last year and it was so foggy and oh my gosh so much fun! 

This is one of my favorite photos with my Mama Bear jacket from Loved by Hannah and Eli

It’s a historic park up in the mountains. A ghost mine town. It’s filled with history and scenic views everywhere you turn. 

Evan was one when we last went. As you can tell we barely saw much but made the most or of it! 
This year was completely different! The views were amazing. We are currently potty training and Evan’s doing an excellent job. When we go out and about we try and use the potty right when we get to our destination and right before we leave. We had a dry diaper as we got out of the car and went potty. 

Dry diaper, check.

Potty, check.

Then my tot got to see the old mine train. 

Clearly he loved it. He’s a chuggachug at heart and this was his home. 

It was nice and cool and we just ate up the time there. You could feel the crisp change from summer to fall as you walked around. 
Once we were able to convince the tot to head back down 

We had another dry diaper!

Potty, check. 

We decided to go check out Little Susitna River. We drove back down the mountain and pulled over at the little turnout to check out the water. The water looked beautiful and the leaves were definitely changing. 

Once we were done throwing rocks we headed back to the car where we had to use the potty because it was going to be a bit until we were home.

Dry diaper, check. 

Potty… This face had something else planned.

I pulled his pants and diaper down so he could start going. He recently decided he likes to pee standing up (Mister big boy now). I don’t see anything coming out but he starts grunting. 

I know that sound.. That’s weird I don’t know why he is grunting he generally only grunts when.. When….when he poops!

I look behind him as he is leaning forward and see it… Literally coming out as he’s pushing. I slightly panic and as I’m realizing it my mister is realizing it. I look around because I don’t know where to put it. I don’t want it in his diaper because he clearly was “using the potty”. Thankfully my husband pulls his diaper up. As soon as the diaper goes up Evan said “I pooped in the potty” and proceeds to do his poopy in the potty dance. No shame in our game. 

After cleaning up and avoiding a bee that would not leave us alone we had:

Diaper, dry, new, and fresh!

Poop in a diaper and plastic bag, check

Poop prize noted. 

Proud baby boy, CHECK! 

Thanks Little Susitna we had a shitty time. Literally. Best ever. 



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