Halloween DIY-ing 

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. It’s always been Halloween. Something about being able to be whoever you want to be for a night is so thrilling. 
You could be a doctor one day. 

A princess next year.

An astronaut the year after.

A super hero the next.

And finally your favorite book character! 
It’s literally being able to live your dream no matter what age. I’ve always had a huge imagination ever since I was little and I think because of that Halloween grew to be apart of me. 

Sky is the limit. 

My past costumes include the following: 

A pumpkin (year one.. And yes I made my son be a pumpkin for his first one too)

Snow White (at the time she was the closet process I could be and I lived in Alaska so being SNOW white was perfect!) 

A boxer 

A gyspy/maid/waitress (I have no idea what I was but I looked damn good!)

A baby (my friend and I dressed as twin babies to volunteer and hand out candy)

So the question this year is what will I be now? 


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