Stay Wild 

We decided to surprise King of all the Wild Things with a fun trip on the Alaska Halloween Train.

This was the first year they did the Halloween Train and we had a blast! When we got there you should have seen his face light up! 

As you can tell he couldn’t keep it together. He was in awe. 

I snagged Evan’s costume last year on a mama’s buy/sell page on facebook. The Max costume is originally from Pottery Barn. I was so thrilled when I got it. It was practically brand new. I tried it on him and it was huge! 

The costume was way to big. See how it goes past his feet? According to Instagram this was posted 32 weeks ago. 

Max is the perfect depiction of  my toddler. Big explorer, big heart, and will eat you up! 


As much as I want his next birthday theme to be this. There’s no way this suit will make it until June. So I decided that my husband and I were going to be his Wild Things! 

My son has loved this book forever. So it was only right to make it come alive! 

I think it

Came out pretty cute.. Even if my mister was told he looks like a chicken haha. It’s pretty hard to make an eagle not look like a chicken 


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