Mama Monday Halloween Edition

I love Halloween. It’s seriously has always been my favorite holiday. As I’ve gotten older Christmas has really grown on me but Halloween is in my heart forever first and foremost. 

Yesterday I went to work dressed up as a cat. I barrowed a cat headband and put makeup on making sure my whiskers and nose were ready to go. I threw on some LuLaRoe  Halloween leggings and rocked it! 

Today I have to figure out if I should take my son to Zoo Boo or take him to a few houses in the neighborhood. He woke up sick yesterday morning so he took it totally easy yesterday. I went to work and my husband cuddled him all day. Last night went I put him to bet he sounded so miserable. Stuffy nose, stuffy throat if that is such a thing, red nose, smelling of Vicks. 

So today I have to decide what to do.. Living in Alaska it’s tough to make the best choice cause the weather changes quickly. The snow has lifted sadly so it’s not pretty and full of snow anymore. So that means it shouldn’t be too cold but with the sun going down early it’s a matter of planning just right. 
What are your plans today? Whatever they may be. Remember to stay safe, warm, and laugh a lot! 



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