Love is in the air…

So like most moms I wanted to be  a Pinterest Valentine Mom. Take the time to cut, print, past, buy pieces to make Valentines like all the other perfect Pinterest mamas. 

So I gathered my goodies from Target and Michaels (like there are any other places that. I love more!) and started stashing it for the big craft I was planning with my son. 
I saw fellow insta-mamas gather the exact same supplies and It started to make me question my own craft skills.
I really love being creative and ever since I found Pinterest I’ve started to slack in that area.

Until now!! 

I decided to print off a picture and decorate it with something silly using my Prynt printer. 

The photos were the perfect size for the Valentines we made for our first Valentines Swap. 

Added some fun drawings and silly faces to the pictures.

Came up with cute little sayings to correspond with the picture doodles and added some Target flare! Evan painted some heart doilies to glue to the cards. 

Now they are headed their way to our Valentine friends! 



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