Happy Birthday Dr.Seuss 

I don’t really remember a lot about Dr. Seuss growing up however since I announced Evan’s existence Dr. Seuss has had an important role in our lives. We announced we were having a boy with a photo strip and used the book one Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish 

It was the perfect way to announce we were having a BLUE fish. Then I had a Dr. Seuss baby shower. So it was fitting that we followed with an adorable baby photo

We’ve been creating Dr. Seuss paintings each year. 

This year I wanted to be more creative because I didn’t see anything I was really loving. 

Recently Evan has loved reading Put Me in the Zoo.

So I decide to make our own canvas just for today! 

I love using our Ezpz activity mat. It’s perfect for painting. You can put your paints in the little flower section and your project right next to it. The mat stays in place so your little tot’s paper doesn’t start wiggling. 

 I grabbed an 8 by 10 canvas and drew the main character of the book and then painted it. 

Then all I needed was some willing little fingers to add his spots! 

It came out pretty cute if I do say so my self. 



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