My bookshelf

I just love books, libraries, bookstores… anything with books I just fall head over heals.  

I personally love young adult novels. Something about the simplicities of being a teen and the drama that follows it is priceless. One day I hope to fill the pages of my own published book….one day… one day..
I’ve had a crate of books sitting by my desk waiting for me to pick up. I finally started on my journey to finish this crate. Being a mama having me time is rare but I’ve finally got back into the swing of things. 

The Loose Ends List

First of all isn’t that book cover lovely? As soon as I discovered the book jacket was long gone. It took me about a week to read (during nap times and before bed). Carrie Firestone story starts off with Maddie discovers that her summer isn’t going to be what she thought when her Gram tells her the whole family is joining her on a cruise of a lifetime, a death with dignity cruise. Along Maddie’s journey you sail the seas and meet wonderful characters along the way. There will be tears, cheers, and discoveries if you choose to sail away with Maddie and her family. This book is a guaranteed good read. 


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