We are headed on a trip… packing for a toddler is like packing for a vacation but you don’t know the location. 

I feel like I’ve thought of everything to bring and yet here I sit still trying to figure out what I should bring along and what should stay. What snacks should I pack? Which toy gets to join us on this trip?
Then panic sets in. We can’t bring his favorite blanket or favorite toy because what if it gets lost? I don’t want that to get “plane-d”. That my own word I made up. 

Plane-d: yucky plane germs that can never come off
Also I HATE flying. Being from Texas and living in Alaska I spent a good part of my childhood flying. I used to love it… something in me changed when I was pregnant with my tot and I’ve been scared ever since. 

So packing and flying.. I can’t stand!
Wish me luck.  


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