Friday Faves 

So I have some fun stuff that I want to share with you guys right now!! 

As you guys know we had a Dragons love Tacos party last year for Evan when he turned 2 and I shared all my ideas here. I was so proud of my some of my original ideas. 

So when I found out that there was going to be a Dragons Love Tacos 2 at the beginning of this month…we ran to the bookstore! 

So you should too. Right now! 

Secondly I love.. well actually EVAN loves his Monster. 

No it’s not a stuffed animal. 

It’s his Cozyphones. They are a game changer! Seriously. Evan doesn’t like to wear headphones at all. Being a nanny I find it hard to let Evan play some of his educational games because the baby is sleeping. Don’t get me wrong we read, we do art, we have tot school, and we build. But some days he wants to listen to his favorite book or listen to his favorite song and he can’t because he won’t wear headphone. I came across Cozyphones instagram here and needed to try them right away! They have a unicorn, a fox, and now even a puppy! 

He loves them so much. I was hesitate because he usually takes them off halfway through whatever he’s doing but these… we are now taking them everywhere! And you can too if you keep reading! 

The last two items Are definitely something I have to make sure you know about. As you guys know I love Chatbooks and if you haven’t check them out right now here

Vanessa Quigley mom of 7 and Chatbooker-in-Chief came out with a fantastic little hackers book for all us mamas just in time for Mother’s Day! It’s called Real Moms, Real Hacks

It has tons of tips and tricks to help every mama keep their cool and still take care of themselves. And if you stick around I might have one for one of you! 

Last but not least

My son’s pick, Beatbo. Evan loves him! He’s amazing we have both versions and the love for this toy is endless. He will be 3 next month and when I took him out of his normal spot to snap a photo my 2 year old was asking me if he was coming back. See I told you he loves it! He’s got some cute beats and since we snagged the mini version he now travels around with us. I have to say I totally jam with it too! 
So that’s it! Here are all the fave for this week.

Since Mother’s Day is a few days away I thought maybe I should give you guys some goodies to celebrate you! 

I have something for you.. AND for your tundra tot. I’m pretty sly and Cozyphone sent me an extra cute headphone just for one of your little ones 

AND ……

I have an extra Real Moms, Real Hacks book. Who wants it? 

Who wants to win it? 

All you have to do is

1) Follow my insta page Tundratots

2) Follow Cozyphones so you can keep up with the latest and greatest.

3) Follow Chatbooks 

Comment on my contest photo on my insta to let me know you have and what you hope to get for Mother’s Day and that’s it! I’ll choose a winner Monday. 
So go enter now!! 


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